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Worth A Thousand Words

 ​​FRANK B. SHANER      

Come see the latest in what we have to offer in new styles and mediums.  All artwork is original and can be shipped to you directly.

Aloha and Welcome

Like everyone else on the day of 9/11, my life too changed forever, taking me down a path I could have never imagined. I became a different person. For most of my life, I have been in radio,with a large following of listeners in Honolulu. On that day, after working around the clock broadcasting news feeds from New York, I was exhausted. It had been extremely numbing and painful to talk about these tragedies for hours and seeing the rubble of broken lives. 

I remember walking out the door of the studio after that entire ordeal, tired and confused. Unexplainably, I found myself in a local art store, buying canvases along with tubes of oil paint and all sizes of brushes. I had never painted a stroke in my life and the closest I had ever come to creating any art was my unconscious and incessant doodling on cocktail napkins and scrap paper. However, I was so affected by that day and it's events, I have since dedicated myself to painting every day. 

If you ask anyone in Hawaii about me, they will tell you that I am a comedian with a voice, but I also have a burning desire to express myself. I follow Picasso's advice when he says, 'I dream of painting, then I paint my dreams.' Another of my inspirations comes from Vincent van Gogh, who said 'What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?' Although I am no longer in radio, my passion is carried on through my accomplishments on the canvas. I find solace in the creation of my art, and would like to share my works with you.